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Why do you call your meals service a life style choice?

A healthy life style is the goal of every American Household. ZoneManhattan.Com think evolution in food has allowed healthy eating to become more available to the masses. Our program being low sodium, low cholesterol, high dietary fiber, and super fresh. Gives you the ability to practice a healthy life style without the time consuming process of planning and preparing meal.

What make you such a convenience?

Today all our healthy meal competitor is sending you a box of raw vegetables and a receipt card to let you do all the work. We done it for you! Your Time is worth money. ZoneManhattan.Com takes the headache out of your meal. You are getting a freshly planned and prepared meal directly delivery to your door step and all it takes is 90 seconds to heat and eat. Your healthy designed meal!

How does the Program Work:

After submitting your personal information you will be contacted by a dietary liaisonwithin 24 hrs. toset upyour program.On your selected start day, you will receive 3 meals and 2 snacks in a convenient stylish cooler/bag to keep the meals fresh for delivery. Before turning in for the night, we ask that you leave the cooler/bag with ice packs out where the delivery person can pick it up. If there is a locked entrance to your building, it will be necessary for you to provide a copy of that key to us so we can leave the cooler/bag at your front door. We recommend you send it FedEx to us at Zone Manhattan  L.L.C., 751 Drake St., Bronx, NY 10474.

If ever there are any questions or concerns you can contact us at 1-877-212-1113.

Can you handle personal food concerns and allergies?

A dietitian will contact you within 24hrs of your sign up in order to teller your service around your personal likes & dislikes and any food allergies we are notify of. It’s our goal to create a service to meet your needs and taste.

How is Zone Manhattan, different form other meal plans

Some diets seem to take a PHD to follow and a Drill Sergeant to stick to and truth be told you can go to your local super market and get frozen dietary meals for a bit less. We offer you a quality oriented and convenient plan that allows you time for your high energy, busy life style. Zone Manhattan will help you set a foundation from which you can maintain your diet.

Is this program expensive?

We are confident, we are the lowest priced product of its kind provided in the tri state area. We provide 3 Market Fresh Meal and 2 Fresh Seasonal Snacks for as low as $32.95.
On a normal day the average person spends between $20 and $30 on meals and snacks and if that person spends one of those meals at a restaurant you can double that dollar amount.
On What kind of Child Friendly option are available?

What kind of Child Friendly option are available?

We can prepare child friendly meals and give you the ability to purchase individual meals at the rate of $14.95 per meal which comes with a snack so your child can be healthy in concert with your meal program

What happens if I want to take a weekend off?

Postponing meals is never a problem. If for any reason you wish to stop the program for a day or more but continue later, with 2 days notice, all you need to do is contact us by E-mail, 2 business days prior to the day you wish to postpone. We will automatically add the postponed meals to the end of you program.

Email: info@zonemanhattan.com

If you would like to continue or extend the program:

At any period during the course of your program, if you wish to extend to a longer commitment at a lower rate. Just Contact us: +1-866-961-Zone or Email Us: info@zonemanhattan.com and the price of your program will drop from the point of commitment forward.

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel you will be required to give two (2) business days notice by E-mail, these days can not be scheduled off or postponed. After you cancel and the program stops you will receive a refund for the unused portion of the program.

The days used will be charged at the rate of the program completed. For instance, if you sign up for 31 days at $37.95 per day and terminate you program after 8 days, the 8 days you will be charged at the 7 day rate $45.95 per day. The balance will be credited back to your credit card. It is recommended that you maintain a copy of your Email Confirmation to document you request. Should you wish to cancel by phone, you MUST receive a Cancellation Confirmation Number from a Zone Manhattan Representative. This can only be done by calling 1-877-212-1113and must be followed by an email of cancelation to info@ZoneManhattan.com.

Disclaimer: Please take note that no statement regarding the Companys products has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations. The Companys products are not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease nor are they intended to treat specific medical conditions or health problems. Zone Culinaire LLC is not associated with Dr. Sears or his Zone trademarks. Moreover, the Companys programming is not meant as a substitute for medical care from a medical.