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Life Style Choice

31 days most popular program for best results for maintaining your active life style and losing weight only $37.95 per day (plus tax)

Diet Maintenance Program

  • 21 days short term program for when you need to shave the pounds for a BIG DAY (Wedding, Interview, Bikini ) only $39.95 per day (plus tax)
  • 14 days program only $42.95 per day (plus tax)
  • 7 days sample program only $45.95 per day (plus tax)

“ZoneManhatta.Com” offer the option of Individual Meals to run in concert with a complete package.  For the Price of $14.95 per meal plus Tax you can purchase a Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast for your significant other to be delivered in your bag.  The individual meal would come with a snack.”  To purchase individual meals please call 866-961-9663.

We offer a Child’s Lunch Box which can run in concert with the adult’s program for just $32.95 per day (plus tax).Childs Lunch Box will only be excepted if more then one is delivered to a house hold or there is an adult in the house hold on the program.

Disclaimer: Please take note that no statement regarding the Companys products has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations. The Companys products are not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease nor are they intended to treat specific medical conditions or health problems. Zone Culinaire LLC is not associated with Dr. Sears or his Zone trademarks. Moreover, the Companys programming is not meant as a substitute for medical care from a medical.